Amey - Leading infrastructure and engineering company

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"A lot of candidates aren't on job boards - Socially Recruited has massively increased our applications"


Resourcing Team Leader

The challenge

Amey are a leading infrastructure services and engineering company that sits at the heart of modern Britain. They help the economy grow by designing, maintaining and transforming the nation’s strategic assets. With 11,000 employees across the country and with such responsibility, attracting the right talent is of incredible importance.

Amey needed a way to attract quality passive candidates across a wide range of roles including Engineers, Drivers, Consultants, Commercial Managers and Early Years.

The solution

The Socially Recruited platform easily integrated with their existing technology and our in-house creative studio designed the creative assets that fuelled the targeted job advertising. Amey were able to reach the exact audiences that they needed across all the channels that the candidates used every day, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

The results

We have now run countless successful campaigns in partnership with Amey, but here's one example...

65,600 candidate impressions > 860 candidate clicks > 50 applications > 15 interviews > 2 hires!

These 2 hires saved Amey £6,000 per hire... 🤯

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