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Job Advertising
"They're really fun and easy to work with. The bulk of the work that I would usually do is given to Socially Recruited"

Bav Dhanda

Recruitment Marketing & Engagement Officer

The challenge

Policing is a career like no other. Police officers, police staff and volunteers show courage, teamwork and compassion on a daily basis to make a real difference. Hampshire Constabulary had seen significant decreases in the volume of applications over the past few years. The approach was 'scatter gun' and Meta targeting changes had made an impact. Job boards weren't delivering what was needed.

The solution

The multi-touch approach of the Socially Recruited platform was well aligned with policing. People considering a job in policing take their time and it's a very thought through process, so multiple touchpoint reminders over the month works well. This combined with a multi-channel campaign, a diverse range and wider range of candidates have seen the adverts.

The results

More quality applicants. Less work for Hampshire Constabulary. More diversity.

Police officers applications saw a 179% uplift.

Detectives applications saw a 70% uplift and a significant improvement in the diversity of candidates, with 60% being female.

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