Southeastern - Operator of the busiest rail network in the UK

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Job Advertising

The challenge

Southeastern has been running the train service between London and Kent and parts of East Sussex since 2006. They operate one of the busiest networks in the country including the UK’s first domestic high speed service with Javelin trains. Operating over 1,600 trains a day, carrying over 400,000 passengers and employing over 4,000 people, Southeastern's role is an important one.

Southeastern needed a solution that increased the volume of applications across their roles but with a particular focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The solution

Social media, by its very nature, is diverse. People from all backgrounds and walks of life use social media platforms in their day to day lives so Socially Recruited was the natural choice. Southeastern were able to run targeted job advertisements across all major social networks, allowing them to reach more diverse pools of candidates than they ever had before.

The results

Socially Recruited doubled Southeastern's previous year's number of applications and beat their diversity targets!

This resulted in 41% of applications being categorised as BAME and 24% female, up 50% on the previous year vs their internal 10% target.

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