Victrex - FTSE 250 listed company

Job Advertising
"Socially Recruited saved us £42,000 in agency fees from one campaign and the end to end process was seamless."

Diane Sokolyk

HR Consultant

The challenge

Based out of the UK and with over 1,000 employees, Victrex is a FTSE 250 listed company and world leader in high performance polymer solutions. Victrex were reliant on recruitment agencies and needed new ways to attract talent. Victrex needed a solution that was easy to implement and to integrate into their existing tech stack.

Victrex not only needed a solution that was easy to implement but one that had global, cross channel reach and enabled them to recruit across a wide variety of roles whilst raising their employer brand awareness. This included careers such as graduate programmes, apprenticeships and specialist roles such as Global Environmental Lead and Engineers.

The solution

Enter.... the Socially Recruited platform.

Victrex seamlessly integrated their existing applicant tracking system with Socially Recruited using our advanced pixel tracking. This enabled end to end tracking and that all important visibility into the performance of the campaigns.

Strategic Employer Brand awareness campaigns were timed with targeted job advertisements across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.

The results

We have an ongoing relationship with Victrex having allowed them to successfully hire and save money across countless roles, but here's one such example...

Role: Head of Medical Division

1,488 candidate clicks > 64 applications started > 27 completed applications > 1 hire

This hire saved Victrex £42,000 in agency fees!

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