How and why you should be hiring remotely right now

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December 29, 2022

Yes, businesses are still hiring remotely during Coronavirus

Hiring remotely is part of the new normal.

Socially Recruited’s recent data shows that hiring has not stopped. Interestingly, demand has shifted to key industries such as healthcare, social care, and logistics. Although the pandemic has pushed many industries into crisis, there are many who have seen a huge rise in demand for key workers.

5,026 recruitment decision-makers were polled. This revealed that 52% of businesses are still recruiting. Feedback from HR professionals is that not planning ahead and having the appropriate staff in place, will have a negative impact on the business when things do return to normal.

Crucial key worker roles are currently being filled at a rapid rate. For less time-sensitive roles good candidates are being offered positions. This is after remote interviews take place, with the condition they will need to meet in person when things return to normal.

You need to engage with candidates remotely

There has been a surge in online testing software use and video interviews. Many businesses have been forced to adopt new technologies to continue working through this pandemic.

Successful businesses have been holding video interviews over different video conferencing software including Skype and Zoom. If you can, being proactive about your recruitment now will put you in an advantageous position once lockdown restrictions are removed.

Businesses are shifting to hiring remotely

Businesses are hiring remotely.

Whilst everyone is staying at home, social media usage has grown by over four times. Now more than ever, you need to be reaching candidates where they spend most of their time. On social media.

A recent Socially Recruited poll showed 46% of businesses preferred to use social media to find good quality applicants. This was followed by recruitment agencies with 26%.

Social media can provide a better-quality applicant than other traditional options such as recruitment agencies and traditional job boards. This is down to several factors including reaching passive job seekers through targeted campaigns.

Crucially, you should be engaging with your candidates on social media. In today’s fast-paced environment, to get the best talent you need to speak with them directly. You can’t afford to wait around.

You need to use paid ads

Data from a recent poll showed that of those using social media to hire, a significant percentage were not using paid advertising.

Only 34% used paid advertising, compared with 66% who used exclusively non-paid.

Despite the majority of businesses not using them, paid social media posts are the most successful in terms of the quality and quantity of applicants. Without targeting, you are casting your ad into the vast world of social media with no plan. You then have to pray that the appropriate people engage.

This is not sensible. If you want a large pool of suitable applicants to choose from then use paid advertising.

If you want to know more…

Socially Recruited has worked with thousands of different businesses across the UK and overseas. It is imperative that businesses have access to advice and support at these challenging times.

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