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On 1st May 2024, we completed the acquisition of TJS Education Ltd (known by its soccialy brand). Since its launch in 2015, more than 2,500 schools and further education institutions have trusted soccialy to make a difference in the classroom.

Trusted by more than 2,500 education organisations

How our education customers benefit from working with us:

Together, schools, MATs (Multi Academy Trusts), universities, colleges and beyond will find and recruit qualified staff faster and more cost-effectively than either of the conventional recruitment techniques – advertising on a job board or stumping up thousands in recruitment agency fees.

Get 11x more applicants
Save 30% of your budget
Reclaim up to 108hrs per campaign
“Our AI-driven tools are designed to meet the unique needs of recruitment and admissions within the education sector, ensuring top-tier outcomes every time.”

-Gareth Thyer-Jones, Co-Founder

Recruitment & Admissions made simple

Serving well over 2,500 schools, we are a team of education sector experts. We're dedicated to transforming the way education institutions find and hire exceptional talent.  

Our AI-powered platform is tailored specifically for schools, Trusts, and universities.  

We help them to use social media for their education recruitment and admission needs.  

No more expensive advertising and waiting for people to reach out to you.  

We bring relevant candidates and parents straight to you so that you can start engaging with them directly.  

Our proactive consultative approach helps 1,000s of education institutions to attract and recruit the teachers and parents you need.  

And without the budget wastage or low-quality teacher candidates that job boards deliver.

How we transform your recruitment

Our sophisticated AI platform streamlines the recruitment process, reduces time-to-hire, and connects with the best teaching and administrative talent.   Our tools are tailored to identify candidates who not only match the job requirements but also fit your institution’s culture and values.

How we enhance your admissions

Leverage our AI-driven insights to improve your admissions process, from initial enquiry through to enrolment.   Our technology enables targeted marketing strategies that resonate with prospective students and their families, ensuring your institution stands out in a competitive landscape.

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