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Diversity and inclusion are critical components of any successful organisation. But how do you ensure that your recruitment process reflects these values?

Our AI-powered platform helps you identify top-quality candidates that fit your organisation's culture and values. With our platform, you can leverage social media to reach a more diverse pool of unreachable candidates, whilst, at the same time, able to measure the impact of your recruitment efforts and make adjustments as needed.


Our platform is data-driven, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions about your recruitment process.

Diversity & Inclusion

Unlock the power of diversity and inclusion in your recruitment process today. Let our AI platform help you find candidates that fit your organisation.

Open up new pools of diverse candidates

After you’ve launched your recruitment campaign, our platform does all the hard work. We tap into millions of candidate data points, across all the channels and apps that have people’s attention, as well as our own vast data pool. This gives you access to a diverse range of otherwise unreachable candidates.

End to end tracking and demographic reporting

Easily track campaign performance from a candidate viewing and engaging with an advert through to their on-site behaviour and application.

See at a glance how effectively your campaigns are performing alongside important candidate demographics data. Easily see candidate age, gender and location data.

Inclusive talent acquisition

Reduce the amount of human interaction there is at the beginning of the recruitment process. Each candidate will receive the same treatment and go through an identical process – meaning that bias will be minimised.

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