5 tips to improve your 2020 HR strategy

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November 27, 2022

Socially Recruited has put together these 5 tips to help you improve your 2020 HR strategy.

Hiring can seem like an intimidating process right now. The markets have changed and unemployment is set to increase as the impact of the furlough scheme is reduced. (The Guardian)

Job boards will be inundated by candidates and the quality of applications is likely to be poor. Your HR strategy must be focussed on targeting passive candidates for your roles right now. You must be using data-driven campaigns to make the most out of your finances and increase your ROI.

1. Your online presence and advertising

Company culture and reputation play a crucial role in a candidate’s decision to apply to a company. Candidates behave in a similar way to a consumer considering a large purchase. They will research thoroughly to decide whether they can see themselves working for a certain organisation. (IBM Watson Talent)

Everything from LinkedIn and Facebook pages to the company website should be showcasing why candidates should apply to this role at this company. Information such as company culture, remote work policies, and client testimonials on review sites will all become part of the decision-making process.

Increasing online presence and advertising should encourage a rise in applications as an organisation’s presence grows. Paid social media brand awareness campaigns may be suitable for businesses who want to increase their following and online presence.

2. Make it quick and easy for candidates to apply. Or they won’t.

Companies often run into a similar hurdle. They have put together a great recruitment campaign, invested in social media ads, only to find out that all the candidates are dropping off at the application page. This is a clear example of when companies are not listening to the data and considering candidates’ expectations in their HR strategy and hiring processes. (we source group)

Make your application process simple and easy for candidates to apply. Socially Recruited ran a survey recently with candidates applying on social media. 89% had an up to date CV ready to go. Candidates are happy to be targeted by jobs on social media but are put off by long applications and long wait times.

Time is of the essence when following up with candidates who have applied through social media. They are in demand, so follow up quickly or competitors might beat you to it. Show candidates that they are a priority and make your remote candidates’ experience stand out. (LinkedIn)

3. Use analytics to track the application process.

A data-driven approach to understand the way candidates interact with the application process is crucial to any HR strategy.

What channels are successfully sending candidates to the application page?

What percentage of those candidates are completing the application?

How long are candidates spending on the application page?

What is the number of candidates bouncing from the application page?

Analytics answers all these questions. At Socially Recruited we recommend using a data-driven approach to get the best result from your online advertising. Monitoring your applications helps to streamline your recruitment and helps you improve your ROI. This also ensures good applicants are not lost due to a poor application page.

This will take some getting used to at the start, but it is worth the time invested. There are many helpful online resources and tools for businesses that are unsure of where to start. (Hubspot)

4. Encourage diversity.

A diverse workforce offers a wider range of experience and ability, but it doesn’t just happen naturally. Companies need to consider how their HR strategy is going to encourage and nurture their employees.

How is the company doing more to seek out and attract entry-level candidates and interns? This helps provide opportunities at school and college-age level to gain exposure and career advice. (The Grocer)

Try to avoid the quick hire and make sure that internal processes encourage and nurture young talent into senior roles. This can be through career guidance, professional development, and qualifications to name a few examples.

Unconscious bias training for management and anyone making hiring decisions should be a core part of your HR strategy. This ensures that people hiring understand how bias can affect their decision making. The CIPD has a short podcast on unconscious bias and how it can impact recruitment. (CIPD)

5. Adopt remote technology if you haven’t already.

Does the business offer remote/flexible working?

Is the role going to remain a remote role, or will this change over time?

What are the company’s remote working policies?

Does the company offer an extra allowance for home office equipment?

With current employees and future candidates questioning whether they want to return to the office or not, now is the time to make sure reliable remote technology is set up and working correctly. Slack and Zoom aren’t the only options out there. There is a long list of tools that can be used for remote working and hiring. (Goodcore)

During the hiring process, send clear instructions to candidates regarding testing and interview software. Don’t let lack of communication and technical problems ruin the interview process or good candidates will be missed.

Remember, it is not just a case of holding remote interviews. Go further to think about what is really on offer to employees and how they can best be supported through your HR strategy. This includes how you support employees working remotely. Companies who offer the best remote working technologies and benefits will likely attract top candidates.

To find out more about remote hiring, click here for our short blog post.

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