A new era for education recruitment

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April 2, 2024

We're thrilled that the evolution of our business has taken another big step forward.


Our sister business, TJS Education Ltd, trading as soccialy, is transitioning into Socially Recruited Ltd.


This reflects our growth, diversifying products, and our commitment to exceptional service.  

Recruitment & Admissions made simple

Serving well over 2,000schools, we are a team of education sector experts. We're dedicated to transforming the way education institutions find and hire exceptional talent.


Our AI-powered platform is tailored specifically for schools, Trusts, and universities, empowering them to leverage social media for their education recruitment and admission needs.


No more expensive advertising and waiting for people to reach out to you.  We bring relevant candidates and parents straight to you so that you can start engaging with them directly.


The benefit of working with us:

·      11x more applicants

·      Save over 30% of your budget

·      Reclaim up to 108 hours per campaign


Our proactive consultative approach helps 1,000s of education institutions to attract and recruit the teachers and parents you need.


And without the budget wastage or low-quality teacher candidates that job boards deliver.

Over the coming weeks, we will transition soccialy into Socially Recruited.  While we do this, please visit soccialy’s website here to learn more about our expertise and services in the education sector.


If you have any questions, we're here to help! Reach out to us anytime by email.

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