The Power of Programmatic Job Advertising

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November 27, 2022

If you want to reach top talent, you need to look for them where they spend their time online. Programmatic job advertising allows you to use every platform potential candidates are active on, and automate the beginning of the recruitment process so that you can focus on candidates with the highest potential. The power of programmatic job advertising lies in targeted job ads based on online behavior, displayed on platforms that potential candidates are using every day. Programmatic job advertising helps you shorten your hiring process, lower your costs of hire, and make candidates aware of the company you are hiring for, resulting in more applicants.

What is programmatic job advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is automating the process of advertising jobs on platforms where potential candidates are active. With the placement and optimization of the advertisements automated, programmatic job advertising means creating effective campaigns based on actual data, reaching the right audience, and resulting in lowered costs and time-to-hire.

Why is it so much more powerful than job posting sites?

Think about it this way. The candidate you are trying to reach might not know anything about your brand, or might not be actively visiting job boards or websites where you post your job ads. 80% of all talent is interested in a new opportunity, but not actively searching for one. This is what we call the passive job seeker. These professionals aren’t sending out resumes, and they aren’t responding to job ads — they are not even looking at them. But they would be open to switching roles if an appealing opportunity came along.

Why is it important to reach these people? Because, let’s face it, the best talent is already employed. Unemployment rates are at the lowest that they have ever been. Already employed talent represent some of the most promising candidates. They often have in-demand skills and are continuing to build new ones. If you want to reach the best talent for the position you are hiring for, you have to expand your recruitment efforts to reach these talented candidates — the passive job seekers.

Are you hiring a front-end developer? A designer? Find candidates that are active in their industry and are always searching for ways to improve themselves. This is where programmatic job advertising comes into play; the power of social media recruitment lies in the amount of active users and the possibility to target them based on their behavior, which helps you to find passionate people, who are already employed, but open for the right opportunity.

Reaching candidates through social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, and apps such as Tinder, Minecraft, or iCloud allows you to recruit where this passive talent is active. Showing advertisements on these platforms also make possible candidates aware of your brand, which plays a big role in their decision making when it comes to applying to jobs in the near future.

For example, according to a recent study by Pew Research Center, 74% of Facebook users say they visit the site daily, with around half (51%) saying they do several times a day. Programmatic job advertising automatically displays your job ads to this large groups of active users on social media and creates optimized ads for users of these online platforms, unlike most job boards. Automation gives you the possibility to scale up your campaigns, because the number of tests which can be done manually are limited compared to an automated process. The technology defines where, when and how to reach talent through digital advertising, and you decide which one of these candidates you want to meet face-to-face.

The Takeaway

So here is the takeaway; passive talent doesn’t fill out extensive application forms. Passive talent needs to be attracted. They are out, living life. Doing what inspires them. So if you want to attract talent, whoever they are and wherever they’re from, you have to look in the right place. You have to look in life. And that’s exactly what Socially Recruited is doing. We target people based on their passion, in places that interest them. Because, we believe that everybody wins when talent matches the job.

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