Chipotle - Leading Mexican restaurant chain with 100K+ employees

Job Advertising
"We have been able to reach people who would not have come across us. It's just opened up a whole world of candidates!"


HR & Recruitment Partner

The challenge

Founded in 1993 and listed on the US stock exchange, Chipotle is the leading Mexican restaurant chain. With over 100,000 employees across 3,000+ locations around the world, Chipotle have a constant recruitment need to keep up with new location openings.

Chipotle needed a new approach, one which was different to the usual active channels, one which allowed them to reach new audiences. The purpose - to attract diverse talent to a variety of roles, from front of house and management to procurement, across a range of locations.

The solution

Working alongside our expert team, Chipotle launched strategic employer brand campaigns combined with targeted job advertising across various locations. Being the forward-thinking employer that they are, Chipotle opted for our Candidate Lead product, which increases conversion rates by removing the need for a CV.

Campaigns are run across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to maximise candidate reach and ensure a diverse pool of candidates.

The results

We have effectively raised their employer brand profile, with hires across all roles and they're now on par with their largest competitors!

An example from one of the many campaigns...

Role: Front of House Team Leaders

88,000 candidate impressions > 199 applications > numerous hires!

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